All About Our spirits

Critical Batch White

Our sweet unaged corn whiskey is our secret weapon; in this clear form, at 116 proof it will be added to the barrel where it matures, turning into bourbon. With 80% white corn and 20% malted barley (all grains from Texas) this pot-distilled “moonshine” stands out for its grain-forward natural sweetness, layers of fruit and nut, and pleasantly creamy mouthfeel. 

Critical Batch Texas bourbon

Our flagship product, this is the single-barrel-matured version of Critical Batch White– since we put better whiskey into the barrel, we get better whiskey out. It’s bottled at 110 proof and is exceptionally smooth, balanced out by intense corn sweetness and malted barley character. Excellent clarity and nose. Smokey oak. Pronounced notes of vanilla, honey, brown sugar. A Certified Texas Whiskey.


Our take on a traditional Italian after-dinner drink, this limoncello makes improvements on the old-country recipe. Instead of the traditional vodka, we use our sweet Critical Batch White as the base, which we infuse with locally-sourced lemon zest and cane sugar. Not overly sweet, decadent mouthfeel, lemon zest balanced by complexity of base spirit.

beez nutz honey pecan whiskey

Our first and only blended whiskey, Beez Nutz is approachable for whiskey purists and newcomers alike. Using a new “sweet-barreled” blending and infusion method, we bring you a heavily layered and subtle tasting experience of local and meticulously sourced natural flavors. Features Texas wildflower honey, natural pecan extract, and a caramelized hybrid grain called triticale. Intense honey on the nose, not overly sweet. Layers of grapenut and cocoa. A Certified Texas Whiskey..

chappy’s best vanilla extract

Our gourmet vanilla extract is made by infusing whole Mexican vanilla beans into our sweet Critical Batch White– those are the only two ingredients. This extract is very highly concentrated with the smokey characteristic of the finest beans from Mexico. Use it in baking, cocktails, or diffuse it into your home to enjoy the aroma.